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Copenhagen Carbon Neutral 2025

Copenhagen will become the first carbon neutral capital by 2025.
Extensive retrofitting of buildings, reorganisation of the energy supply and change in transport habits are some of many initiatives the City of Copenhagen will implement in order to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Green growth and liveability

With the climate plan, the Danish capital combines growth, development and a higher quality of life with a reduction in Carbon emissions of around 1.16 million tons.
Copenhageners can look forward to saving DKK 4000 on their electricity and heating bills each year when the climate plan has been implemented.

The climate plan has been developed in close cooperation with businesses, the citizens of Copenhagen, NGOs and knowledge institutions.

Political process

The CPH 2025 Climate Plan was adopted by the City Council on August 23rd 2012.


Carbon neutrality

The city will be carbon neutral when Copenhagen’s carbon net emissions equals zero. That is when Copenhagen has reduced carbon emissions to a minimum; and compensated for the remainder of emissions with external initiatives (e.g. windmills).


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