Copenhagen - City of Cyclists


Copenhagen - the City of Cyclists

Photo of the Cyclegirl overlooking the town square Rådhuspladsen in CopenhagenBicycles make out a huge portion of Copenhagen's visual appearance. When coming to Copenhagen you will not only see bicycles parked at every station and in every street. The most impressing fact is the vast amount of Copenhageners on bikes that are an integrated part of traffic and the urban infrastructure.

Bicycles play a vital role in Copenhagener's everyday lives. The bicycle is used for all means: for getting to work or school, going out for a night on the town, transporting construction materials or appliances, bringing children to kindergarten, going for a recreational ride, or just for gazing at other Copenhageners on their bikes. No matter what the purpose will be, the bike is the answer.

The bicycle offers a cheap, comfortable, easy, and eco-friendly way of getting around. And when we ask Copenhageners why they choose their bike over the car or public transport they simply answer: because its the fastest way of getting around in the city.

That is why we must ensure that the bike keeps on being the fastest way of getting around in Copenhagen. So, in February 2012 we published Copenhagen's very own bicycle strategy "Good, Better, Best - The City of Copenhagen's Bicycle Strategy 2012 - 2025", which presents the goals and proposes the solutions on how to achieve these. Learn more about our goals and resolutions..


Good Karma on the cycle-tracks

Last summer's successful karma campaign was re-launched in 2012. Take a look and feel the good karma in this video:

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