Copenhagen's Bicycle Strategy & Policies

When it comes to cycling issues, everything that happens in the City of Copenhagen is the result of long-term planning on many different levels. You can read a bit about the various plans, visions and policies for improving cycling conditions in Copenhagen here.

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Good, Better, Best – The City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Strategy 2011-2025

In Copenhagen’s new bicycle strategy you can read about the new initiatives and plans, which lay down guidelines for the longterm and overriding priorities within the bicycle area. These initiatives and plans are intended to help us reach our goal to become the world's best bicycle city before the end of 2015. The strategy was approved by the City Council on the 1st of December 2011. This strategy replaces Copenhagen’s former bicycle strategy ”Cycle Policy 2002-2012”.
Good, Better, Best – The City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Strategy 2011-2025

Copenhagen to be an eco-metropolis by 2015

In 2008, the City of Copenhagen politicians unanimously decided to work towards making Copenhagen a cleaner, healthier and more environmentally friendly city. The politicians set out four main objectives to be achieved by 2015. One of these objectives is that Copenhagen will become the “world’s best city for cyclists”.
Eco-Metropolis. Our Vision for Copenhagen 2015

Copenhagen to be a metropolis for people by 2015

The city’s politicians drew up a vision for an eco-metropolis. The eco -metropolis will include public spaces conducive to urban life, human activity and movement, as well as a network of links and promenades making it safer and more enjoyable for cyclists and pedestrians to move around.
A Metropolis for People

Cycle policy 2002 - 2012

In 2002, the City of Copenhagen published its first proper bicycle strategy. A number of specific objectives were formulated which since have been written into the main vision for the eco-metropolis (see above). Here you can read about the initiatives and plans which have developed Copenhagen’s cycling facilities over the last 10 years. This bicycle strategy has now been replaced by our new bicycle strategy "Good, Better, Best" (see above).
Copenhagen Cycle Policy 2002 -2012

Bicycle Accounts

Every two years, the City of Copenhagen draws up a so-called Bicycle Account. This is an assessment of what the city has achieved compared to its cycling objectives. The Bicycle Account has been published bi-annually since 1995 and it provides an excellent overview of improvements to the facilities for the city’s cyclists – as well as what could have been done better. For example, the most recent Bicycle Account shows that over the last four years the cycling Copenhageners’ sense of security increased from 51% in 2008 to 76 % in 2012. 
Bicycle Account 2012

Cycle Track Priority Plan 2006-2016

A plan has been drawn up for a number of new cycle tracks and cycle lanes to be created in Copenhagen over the coming years. The so-called Cycle Track Priority Plan covers the period 2006-2026, and states the order in which almost 70 kilometres of new cycle tracks and cycle lanes will be established. The current cost of implementing the Cycle Track Priority Plan is approximately DKK 400 million. Not available in English.

Copenhagen's Green Accounts

Copenhagen's Green Accounts is an annual report measuring our progress in achieving our goals to make Copenhagen an eco-metropolis by 2015.
Read more about the green accounts


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